I approach my work in a physical and intuitive manner, creating visual hierarchies with varied patterns and surfaces. I look at how line can disrupt rhythm or pattern and how spaces of colour or expression can be pierced with peeled-back line. Many of my works contain a painting within a painting, or suggest hidden rooms and spaces, ‘re-presenting’ fragmented glimpses of nature that bear traces of perceptual experiences.

I’m fascinated by the intricacies of surface that can be seen in the furrows and geometric shapes our own skin or the rhythm and texture of cloth and thread, evoking parallels to drawn line. Constructing and deconstructing the image through multiple layers has become a key way of working.

I find the tenacity of painting a point of tension, leading me to synthesise new systems to test unexplored ground and use a diverse range of materials to push visual boundaries.

2010 Central Saint Martins, Foundation Diploma
2011-13 Camberwell College, BA
2019-present Frank Mohr Institute, MA